While everyone is engage in race of contaminates the nature. We guarantee you a cent percent ecofriendly tour .All care should be taken in regarding the preservation ,conservation and promotion of environment, wildlife and local cultural heritages. All our organizing tour and treks are done in a matter that is environmentally, socially and culturally sensible. Eco-friendly activities that we offer during our trek & tour are as enumerated

1. An additional pony will be taken along with every groups of trekkers for the purposes of collecting all that non biodegradable material that produce during the whole trek.

2. Every care will be taken to camp the tents away from the main sources of drinking water so as it may not get contaminated.

3. It is our prior motive to not to disturb and deteriorate the nearby flora and fauna.

4. All our staff are well aware conscious and highly committed towards the eco-friendly tour .

Note: To book the tour and to know what includes please email us

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