YAK TREK in Ladakh and Zanskar

Yaks being widely found in every nooks and corner of Ladakh region mostly used in ploughing fields are also used as means of travel and trekking, which gives a complete and unique experience to explore. Yak is a largest animal found in Ladakh, with long hairs and curved horns. It is his long and shaggy hairs that help yak to survive in extreme cold climate.

Yak possess a massive body due to which it is slow in walking and trekker are requested not to mistook the extreme hospitality of this majestic animals as its laziness and weakness. Real travellers are always in search of real life experiences and yak trek can bestow you it. While in Ladakh enjoying a trek with yak bring you closer to local culture and lifestyle that locals lead in Ladakh.

Yak trek is rarely carry out and there are only few numbers of agencies who organize it on prior booking.

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