Sabo-Tangyar-Durbook Trek. - Detailed Itinerary

Sabo-Tangyar-Durbook Trek.

Specially Design for our guest.

No of days: 14 Days
Highest point: Nebukla.
Grade: Moderate to Challanging.
Attraction places: Leh, Sabu, Digger la, Digger village, Kheyma, thangyar, Nebukla, rale ,Dukbok, Pangong.


DAY 1:DRIVE TO SABU (3400m/11,155ft), TREK TO SABUZONG (3,830m/12,565ft). 3 to 4 hours

It is only a short drive (7 kms) to Sabu situated at the foot of Sabumountain (14,749ft). From this pretty and prosperous village we will start trekking north on the road through the extended village, following the Sabu River, to our camp site at the end of a dirt track.

DAY 2: TREK TO PULU BEFORE THE DIGGAR LA (15,649ft) 5-6 hrs.

Above the village we follow a well-marked trail up a sharp valley with a tumbling stream on the right. Sabu Mountain in on the left. Granite mountains, burnt grey or brown, are on either side. We may well see Dzos grazing in the valley and see other cattle, donkeys and marmots. There are one or two stone shelters on the way and again we may meet local people who are often up here collecting dried yak dung for their fires in the village. Eventually, we reach a large area of undulating meadows where there is a good choice of camp sites. There are wonderful views across the Indus Valley of the Zanskar Mountains, with StokKangri (20,082ft) dominating the scene. The camp area is about as close as practicable before the ascent of the pass.

DAY 3: CROSS DIGGAR LA (17,230ft) TO DIGGAR LARTSA (15,305ft). 6hrs.

Follow the stream to the east, skirt a large moraine and begin climbing; the La summit can be seen from here. The ascent is a series of zigzags up a steep rise to the pass which is adorned with prayer flags and the views are breathtaking (that is if you have any breath left at all!). The mountains you can see to the north are the Saser range of the eastern Karakoram, which contain Ladakh's highest peak SaserKangri, 25,165ft. Do not expect to see K2 from here – it lies further to the northwest. However there are also fabulous views of the Zanskar range. Moorcroft describes the ascent as being no less than 1,200ft/366m from the foot of the climb. It is about 2 to 3 hours to the pass, and the same down from the Pass to DiggarLartsa. Heading north from the pass we descend into the valley, joining a small stream which flows all the way to Diggarvillage.The route crosses a beautiful small plateau where the stream forms slow moving pools.

DAY 4:TREK TO DIGGAR VILLAGE. (12,647ft). 3-4 hrs.

As we near Diggar, which can be seen as a green patch in the distance, the path drops steeply to a collection of chortens and prayer flags and passes an impressive granite peak on the left. The stream disappears into a deep gorge on the right and flows far below the village. The marmots here are more easily spotted and we may well see Lammergeyers. At the village there is an interesting temple built onto a huge boulder and old monastery above, which is currently being extended. House owners on the opposite side of the valley seem to be fighting a losing a battle against the river as every year it erodes their fields more and more. From the mani wall to the north west of the village we'll have tremendous views of the vast plain of the Shyok river and the eastern Karakoram.


Today you have full day rest to visit village, family, field etc.

DAY 6:TREK TO KHEMA (14520ft) 5 hrs.

We leave Diggar village up in the valley to Khema passing a few DoksafomDigga village, high pasture the path is well defined and interesting walk as we might see wildlife.

DAY 7: TREK TO NEW TANGYAR (13,200ft) 5-6hrs.

Today we go over a small pass of Kirtila and we follow the up valley in the morning though the zigzan to the kirtila pass. From the top we will have beautiful view of Khalsar and the Nubra valley. Fom the top we decend to TangaDoksa then continue to Tangya village.


At first you will go down to the river follow it after climb toward the Old Tangyar village. Then you will continue the valley for two hours.


This day is a short day trek. You will continue toward Nubukla of 3 hours. At the base camp of Nebukla you will camp.


Today you will cross the Nebukla. You will Start early the climbing. In two or three hours you will arrive at the top of Nebukla . From the Top you will see very beautiful senery. After you will camp at the opposite side Base Camp.

Day 11: Base Camp to Rale. 5 hrs

This day is whole day desend four hours trek uptoRale Village. Rale is a small villages of 10 houses. You will have a nice camping.

Day 12: Rale to Durbok. 5 hrs

The last day of your trekking with some up and down routes. Before the camping you have to walk on the motoreable Road. Tonight you will celebrate last night Party.


Day 13 Durbok to Pangonglake.

This day you will drive to Pangonglake. You will arrive early. You will visit around the lake, Over night in Fix Camp tent.

Day 14 Drive Back to Leh.6 hrs Drive.

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